Alpha - is it for me?

Who is it for?

Alpha is for anyone who is interested in exploring the basics of the Christian faith in an informal environment.

Where and when?

We host the Alpha course, at St Paul's Church Addlestone over 10 evenings with regular courses.                         Please contact our Alpha Co-ordinator Chris Beecroft on 01932 842879 for more details. 

What happens on an Alpha evening?

Each evening will start with a delicious meal, then a talk with one of our leaders and finally  an open conversation to ask questions and explore the meaning of life with other people on the Alpha Course. 

Interested in Coming?

You're welcome to try & see what it’s like for one evening. You won’t be alone but bring a friend if you like. If you would like to come along just give Chris a call on 01932 842879 or drop her an email here  to reserve a place… remember, it’s absolutely free with no pressure at all. 

Want to know more about Alpha worldwide?

Have a look at the website for more details about this amazing course, which millions of people have already attended.