Giving Appeal Autumn 2023- Support Us

We are asking all our members and friends to pray about how much to give, and are aiming to receive an average of £100 per person. Some will give more, others, less- the point is that we all contribute as God's family together. Your giving at this time will help us

1. Carry out our mercy ministries this winter, including Loaves & Fishes, Warm Hub & Winter Warmers.

2. Pay for us to employ a part-time administrator for 2024.

3. Renew our heating system which is old and inefficient & upgrade our toilet facilities.

Ways to Give

  1. In the church, use our electronic donation terminal,  paper envelopes or donation plate 
  2. Using our Church donation link here 
  3. Scan our QR code using the camera on your phone

Church QR Code

For regular giving, please signup via our Parish Giving Scheme here.

Starting to Give Regularly

If you want to give a regular amount to the Church (which is a not-for-profit charity), you can set up regular giving via the Parish Giving Scheme hereThe amount you give will remain confidential but Pledging and Giving in this way greatly helps the Church to budget for the months ahead.  

If you would normally prefer to give during the offertory hymn/worship song in the service then please consider using our Dona Giving Page  here .  This can be for one off donations, weekly donations of varying amounts or adhoc donations as and when – large or small, every penny counts.  Think of the Just Giving web page as the church's virtual offertory plate allowing anybody to give something, so that the St Paul's Church can continue to fulfil our part of God's plan for His church in our local 

Treasure Chest for Givingcommunity.    If you are able to add Gift Aid then this is worth an extra 25% to your gift at no extra cost to you!

Some of the money you give is used in our local work, spreading God’s word throughout our local community, as well as the maintenance of the Church itself.  We also give a proportion of our donations to our Mission Partners: Jubilee Campaign, Tearfund, East to West, Christians Against Poverty, Rooted in Jesus and Elam Ministries.  Please click here for more information about these particular charities.