As Christians, we believe that we are looking after the world, and its contents, on Gods behalf.  Many therefore believe in the importance of sharing a percentage of our wealth through Giving to the Church and / or other charities and this can be done in many ways. 

If you want to give a regular amount to the Church (which is a not-for-profit charity), you can set up a regular standing order through your bank – please contact the Treasurer for further details.  The amount you give will remain confidential between you and the Treasurer but Pledging and Giving in this way greatly helps the Church to budget for the months ahead.  

If you would normally prefer to give during the offertory hymn/worship song in the service then please consider using our Just Giving Page.  This can be for one off donations, weekly donations of varying amounts or adhoc donations as and when – large or small, every penny counts.  Think of the Just Giving web page as the church's virtual offertory plate allowing anybody to give something, so that the St Paul's Church can continue to fulfil our part of God's plan for His church in our local Treasure Chest for Givingcommunity. 

The link is

Some of the money you give is used in our local work, spreading God’s word throughout our local community, as well as the maintenance of the Church itself.  We also give a proportion of our donations to our Mission Partners: Jubilee Campaign, Tearfund and Elam Ministries.  Please click here for more information about these particular charities.  


Extra request:

St Paul's Church has also been contacted by the Foodbank in Addlestone to inform us that they are running very low on food because of the current situation.

 In due course, we have been advised that Runnymede Borough Council will be taking over the Foodbank operation, (with further guidance being provided at that time), however in the meantime, to help, food can still be put into the collection baskets in Tesco and Waitrose which is then distributed regularly.  

 Alternatively, it is possible to donate financially via the Runnymede donation site….(see below link).

 If you are able to support in-store collection, the following goods make up their core item list (as provided by the Baptist Church Foodbank).


Soup (can/packet) - packet soup - of 4 sachets -  are good 

Baked Beans or Spaghetti - incl small tins 

Tin tomatoes, Pasta Sauce, Tin vegetables, Tin Meat or Vegetarian, Tin Fish eg tuna / pilchards, Rice pudding or Custard 


Pasta or Rice - helpful to have 500g ones for single people 

Tea or Coffee - 40 / 80 / 160 bags of tea;  including small jars for single people

Long Life Juice 

UHT milk 


Loo Roll 



 Thank you and God bless your generosity in whichever way you are able to give.