Jubilee Campaign

Global Mission Partners

As well as local needs, we are concerned too with the wider world and our global partners are chosen to reflect particular concerns we think should be addressed. These are as follows:

Jubilee Campaign LogoJubilee Campaign.

Founded by St Paul’s Church members Danny & Joan Smith, Jubilee works to help children at risk worldwide through lobbying and achieving law change to help vulnerable children. In addition to its campaigns, it also responds by partnering to provide homes of love and shelter for some of the world’s most forgotten children, in India and in Zimbabwe. Find out more here.

Tearfund LogoTearfund:

We support a project that builds water tanks for entire communities to enable them to access clean and safe water. This means the girls can be in education for up to an extra four hours a day which will change their long term life chances. Find out more here.

Dideons LogoGideons:

Their aim is simple: to give everyone access to the Bible- especially those who are vulnerable through sickness, imprisonment or loneliness. We have heard many wonderful stories of people who found themselves depressed or suicidal in a hotel room far from home & happened to open the draw of their bedside table. God’s love and promises reached them through the Bible and changed their lives forever. Read more here.

Elam LogoElam Ministries

The mission of Elam is to strengthen the church in the Iran region and beyond. Elam have wonderful testimonies of God changing lives- read more here.